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Cactus Practice

Prickly people develop our character, but how? Is it they who need to morph or is it us? What does God show us when he puts difficult people in our path? Is it a reflection of our own character that needs to be changed or is it a lesson in loving someone who is not very lovable, maybe even detestable? Is it both?

I was chatting with a particularly ‘cactus-y’ teenager over lunch this week. He related his life story to me. It was one of the more repugnant ones I had heard in a while. His story, unfortunately, was no grimmer than some of the others I have heard, but it was equally heart breaking. The saddest part was his hopelessness and the depth of unforgiveness toward himself.

Could I be irritated with him anymore? No, God had put His glasses on my face. I could no longer see this person as sandpaper. I could see him how God sees him--a young kid who was lost, alone, and hopeless. My heart broke.

All at once, I remembered my favorite account in the Bible -the Samaritan Woman. The Sam…