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Six weeks ago, you were in complete control of your body and mind. Since that time, your body has slowly stopped functioning properly. Walking, talking, and toileting have become unfeasible without assistance. Your mind is foggy because your heart cannot pump enough oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Doctor’s are convinced that a full recovery was not possible. How would you feel—frustrated, angry? Would you ask for help? Would you feel overwhelmed with the potentially hopeless, no -win situation?

No-win situations or difficult circumstances always beset my favorite character on Bonanza, Little Joe.  Bonanza was about the Cartwright clan who lived the old west. Center to the drama were the three brothers: Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe. Adam, the oldest, was always cool-headed, wise, and persuasive. Hoss was the middle brother—big, brawny, and a heart of gold. Little Joe was the youngest, the scrapper, the underdog.

I have found myself a fan of another underdog named Joe, my…

My Soul Moo

Image  "Again they cried openly. Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye; but Ruth embraced her and held on. Naomi said, "Look your sister-in-law is going back home to live with her own people and gods; go with her." But Ruth said, "Don't force me to leave you; don't make me go home. Where you go, I go; and where you live, I'll live. Your people are my people, your God is my god; where you die, I'll die, and that's where I'll be buried, so help me God--not even death itself is going to come between us."--Ruth 1: 14-18 (NIV)
I had not seen my best friend in fourteen years. We were as close as sisters. In fact, we had a shared nickname; we called each other "Moo". We loved life, laughter, creativity, adventure and some times the ill-fated rollerblading trip down suicide hill. We were a pair. Picture Lucy and Ethel, Lavern and Shirley, Calvin and Hobbes, and Thelma and Louise rolled up into one r…