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The Wind in the Trees

I wrote this for a writing challenge on  Thought I would post it here, too.  Although I wrote this from the third person perspective, this is something that indeed happened to me.

She drove down the highway. Her thoughts careening through her mind at a speed faster than she was traveling and to a place farther than where she was going. She wrestled with the words that were bubbling in her mind. Finally, sensing she could no longer hold it in, she began to pray. Words spilled out of her mouth and up to God’s ears. People driving by would see a woman alone in a car babbling to herself, she was unconcerned. She just kept talking as if He were sitting in the seat beside her.

“God, really? Do you really know what you are asking me to do? You do realize that I am not credentialed enough to do this. We don’t have enough money saved to do this. What if no one ever reads what I write? Seriously, me?”

There was a gentle response back, “Why not you? Aren’t you the one who pray…


We are practicing behaviors that will aid us in going off the grid. The first phase of the experiment involves energy conservation. For example, we are conserving energy by: using lights only when we need to, not using central heat or air, washing dishes by hand, and (heaven help me) washing clothes by hand and hanging them out to dry. Life has been pared down to the very basics. It is much simpler, but more interactive, and I’m not talking about using a game to simulate living. I’m talking about vigorously using all of my senses to live. We sold our t.v.s; consequently, that leaves us with only two noise makers-- the computer when in video mode and the radio. However, I rarely turn them on. Instead, I crave to listen to the surroundings.

Listening to the creation is like hearing God breathe. As my awareness of my environment goes up, so does my sensitivity to the beauty of everything that God has afforded us. My eyes are delighted by the sunrays slipping through the tree canopy to p…

Him Tarzan, Me Jane

Second article I previously published at about Going Of The Grid.

The cabin sits on a slope looking over the lake. From the screened in porch, you can see the lake, but mostly you see sky and trees. It’s like a tree house, which is good for a former tomgirl who pretended to be Jane of the Jungle. Two weeks since moving into the cabin, I can feel my slothful, suburban, corporate minion ways beginning to leave as the Simple Life unfolds.

Every day, we have done something new and outdoorsy. We had a campfire one night so our son could enjoy the sunset while roasting marshmallows. Hubby patiently showed me and the boy how to build a fire and told us about fire safety. We both nodded our little heads as if we understood. After the lesson, I took a mental photograph and thought, “No problem. I can do that. Me Jane”.

Mind you, I am a reformed corporate banker, so I never got the “light- the- fire- with- one- match” badge in girl scouts. Instead, I worked on my “mergers- an…

Going Off The Grid

I previously posted this article and the next two that follow on However, I thought it would be good to publish it here as a springboard to a new posting theme, "The Lake House Experiment".  I will capture what we are doing to go off the grid, here on this blog.  What follows  (this and the next two posts) is our jumping off point that happened this summer.  Enjoy--Robin

My husband and I have officially lost our ever loving minds. We are going to attempt to live off the grid. What does that mean? Why—couldn’t you just start with recycling? Are you sure a life without toilet paper is the way to go? What are you some sort of hippie dippy freak? All of these are common questions asked by our dear friends and loved ones. Let me see if I can supply some meaningful answers.

What does “Going off the grid” mean? It means that we will live in a home that will be self-sufficient for energy, waste, and water needs. Girls, I am submitting myself to a long term camping t…