Going Off The Grid

I previously posted this article and the next two that follow on Giftedwomen.net. However, I thought it would be good to publish it here as a springboard to a new posting theme, "The Lake House Experiment".  I will capture what we are doing to go off the grid, here on this blog.  What follows  (this and the next two posts) is our jumping off point that happened this summer.  Enjoy--Robin

My husband and I have officially lost our ever loving minds. We are going to attempt to live off the grid. What does that mean? Why—couldn’t you just start with recycling? Are you sure a life without toilet paper is the way to go? What are you some sort of hippie dippy freak? All of these are common questions asked by our dear friends and loved ones. Let me see if I can supply some meaningful answers.

What does “Going off the grid” mean? It means that we will live in a home that will be self-sufficient for energy, waste, and water needs. Girls, I am submitting myself to a long term camping trip but with nicer accommodations. Energy will come from solar and wind power and water will come from a well or be ‘harvested’ when it rains. Waste will be composted or reused to produce power.

Why—couldn’t you just start with recycling? We have two reasons. 1) We have been talking about this for about two years, and we are currently between homes. Thus, we are in a unique position to choose whatever type of home we want and can afford. 2) Most importantly, is anyone aware that we are in day 59 of the BP oil spill? Enough said. (Okay, probably more should be said, but I cannot say it without sounding like I have Tourette’s syndrome.)

Are you sure that a life without toilet paper is the way to go? I have had some very MEANINGINFUL talks with myself, my husband, and God this week. After spending a triple digit heat index day doing yard work, my first realization was that I really liked showering with hot water, pooping in a flushable toilet, and cooling down in air conditioning. The next step was having Hubby explain the master plan for the “Homestead”. Luckily, I was able to admit to him my need for first world conveniences and that it was going to take me a bit to acclimate myself to Little House on the Prairie mentality. He appreciated my honesty; we are still doing it. Now, I am in constant prayer that God will show us exactly how to do this since no one has gone West in a stinking prairie schooner since Ma and Pa Ingalls.

What are you some sort of hippie dippy freaks? On the contrary, we are conservative Christians who love our country. Maybe you could call us “crunchy conservatives”, or maybe you could call us flakes. I don’t know. However, we do believe in stewarding our resources wisely. Right now, it seems to be a good time to pull back, slow down, and think seriously before using more energy than we require or that our country has the ability to supply without a major ecological disaster ensuing.

What do you think about “going green”? How does recycling, reducing, or going off the grid fit in with your faith? How does the oil spill in the gulf reframe your perspective?


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