Dear One: A letter from God to You

As I was lightening bug hunting with my son and daughter this week, Psalm 23 ran through my head. Although the Psalm is most notably read at funerals, I have always seen it as a love letter from God to all of humanity. As we dawdled down the darkened path looking for insects with fluorescent bottoms, I thought over and over about the picture of a good father. When I got home and cracked open the scripture, I personalized the Psalm as if God were talking directly to me. Here’s what it said to me:

Dear One,

I am your Father. I love you and want the best for you. Whatever I have to do to provide and protect you, I will do. Nothing can separate you from me. I will shelter you from harm; you will have everything that you need to grow. Sometimes the best thing for you is to rest, especially when you are hot, hungry and tired. When you feel completely wrung out, I make you sit beneath the shade, have a nutritious, well-balanced meal and give you a refreshing drink of thirst-quenching water. After the picnic has restored your strength, I will make a safe nest for you to lay your head down and take a nap. There now, doesn’t that feel better?

Since I know best and want the most excellent future for you, I will teach you to be a responsible adult. I will make sure you know right from wrong so that you can teach others and bring honor to me. Even though you were born in a chaotic time in an upside down word with danger surrounding you, DO NOT BE AFRAID. I am always with you. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I have imprinted you with my special stamp. I will protect you, guide you, and, train you so that you will not fear when you are confronted with all types of evil. Because of my discipline, you will be confident and rest easy in spite of being beset with difficult people and difficult circumstances.

When you come to me crying because you fell and skinned your knees or get a bee sting, I will be there to fix your boo boos. I will bandage them and kiss them to make it better. Believe me, when you hurt, I hurt. I will do anything to keep you from harm and to heal your wounds. After I have you patched up, you will put your little baby hands on both sides of my face, look me in the eyes and say, “Daddy, I love you very much. I want to live with you for ever and ever.”

Whether your earthly Father was fabulous, crappy, or absent, your heavenly Father loves you exactly like this. Read the Psalm for yourself, then read the letter again, maybe even place them side by side. Is this the God that you are pushing away or is this the God you want to run to?


  1. Wow my friend, you have a gift for writing and hearing clearly what God reveals about this scripture. I am truly honored to be friends with one who shares my life verse, Proverbs 3:5-6. Thanks for sending the link in your comment on Facebook.



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