The Roadkill Diner and Truckstop

I went out for a walk with my dog to pray and to off load some frustration, yesterday.  Healthy, right?
On the walk, I noticed a really nasty piece of road kill. I thought my fat puppy was going to pull my arm off trying to get to it.  But, to my surprise, she looked at it and with a flourish of her fluffy tail, she kept on walking.  I congratulated fat puppy in my doggy baby voice, "Oh, Moo, Moo you are such a good girl.  You have been eating less and you just kept on going.  You are such a good girl."  I walked on a bit then a thought wiggled through my noggin, "With how frustrated I am right now, if that was a loaf of garlic bread, would I have as much restraint as the dog?"

I've been on a weight loss journey for about a year now.  I can literally say that I have mourned and celebrated the same eight pounds gained and lost for this year.  I could have reached my goal by now. What is so ridiculous is that I have been given a GPS for the journey. Through prayer and meditation on God's word, He has shown me the issue: I fill up my holes with food instead of Him.  He has even laid on my heart the process to be rid of it.  So why do I keep going in a circle, like a man who has a GPS in the car and refuses to believe its route?
The Bible says it this way, "As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly." (Proverbs 26:11 NIV 2010).  A dog returns to his vomit. Well, my dog showed me yesterday that she was smarter than I am.  So, my vomit is food.  What's yours? Drugs, Alcohol, Work, Porn?

I regularly read posts from the ladies at Proverbs 31 ministries. Recently, Lysa  TerKerust published a book called Made To Crave.  When the book came out, I was jealous because her message was EXACTLY what God showed me--Crave God, not food.  She wrote MY book.  Since that time, I have been waiting to join the webcasts, buy the book, or do anything that would be a positive step toward sharing in this wonderful woman's lightbulb moment. 

I think the Roadkill Diner and Truckstop was God's funny way of showing me that I need help. So, guess where I'm going today? To the bookstore.  I'm going to buy my copy of Made To Crave.  How about you? Are you tired of returning to your vomit? Are you ready to start believing the GPS?

I am.

Dear Lord, Forgive me for my unbelief, ridiculous jealousy, and pride. Thank you for the help you have provided. Thank you for Lysa's obedient heart.  Help me go after the help I need. Amen.


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