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Bread Addict

The story that follows is written from the first person perspective.  I will have several installments to follow.  Through them, I hope to  illustrate what transformation looks like when you turn your life over to Jesus Christ.  Although a good many things in the story are true about my life, my being in an AA situation is not true.  I used a therapuetic group setting to bring out the fact that God  can and does love and help people who are users of illicit drugs, food, sex, and alcohol.  He came to set the captives free.
Nervously, I think about standing up to talk.  My gut flips and flops.  With an advesary on one shoulder and an advocate on the other, the debate begins.

The devil shouts in my ear, "Sit down.  You don't have a problem.  You aren't dealing with heroin, booze, or porn like these other people.   You have to eat to live, duh.  You have to work to support your family, c'mon.  You aren'…

Who Will Love Me For Me?

Several nights ago, the sound of a large animal attacking something outside my cabin woke me up.  Startled and scared, I turned on the porch light and looked out my window. From there, I could see Fat Puppy, my 110 lb. Malamute, going after something with a vengeance.  The noise was horible and viscious sounding.  Finally, she backed off, and I could see what she was attacking.  It was Todd.  He was road-weary, skinny, and oozy-eyed.   The wag from his tail was almost gone.  Something as scared and cold as he certainly couldn't wag his tail with it tucked beneath him and his head hung low.  For a beagle, Todd had lost his happy.`

It is common to see hunting dogs wandering around these parts unaccompanied.  Some folks just turn them out for the winter to roam and fend for themselves.  I call him Todd because that is all that is printed on his collar, "TODD HESS 349-2312". I figured that it would be easy to call the owner and reconnect Man and his best friend.  However, it…