Bust a Flame in Your Heart

With a lot of practice, perserverance, and poking, I am now an expert flame buster and wood burner.When I first  began the winter with this wood stove, I had no idea on how to start a fire in it. However, I have learned how to prepare the wood so it accepts the flame and burns hot and long.

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in my quest for fire. One thing fact about wood is that it is different from tree to tree, diverse in its composition, color, and its combustability.

I have decided that if I were a tree that I would like to be a cedar tree.  Cedar is a softwood so it catches easily.  It burns so hot that it catches even the most dense,stubborn red oak on fire.  Cedar is talkative.  It puts Rice Krispies to shame the way it SNAPS, CRACKLES, and POPS!  A burning cedar log has popped several flaming embers at once across our living room.  They most certainly spread the word far and wide.  Cedars are coniferous meaning they are evergreens, you know, eternal.  They are versatile when used in construction.  Lots of creatures, both human and animal, make their homes from or in cedar trees.  People from all over the ancient world would pay a king's ransom to use the great cedar trees for their purposes.  King Solomon's palace and the temple of the Lord were constructed using cedar trees.  Cedar is completely consumed when it is burned and sends a fragrant offering heavenward.

I've not always wanted to be a cedar tree.  I used to want to be hardwood--tough, strong, and unbendable.  Yep, I used to be a wet, dense red oak.  Wet hardwood has to be the worst to set aflame. It smokes, sputters and sizzles out.  It's talkative alright, but mostly it complains and hisses at any attempt to make it useful for heating a house on a cold day.  It will burn hot, but you have to get coax it and give it constant attention to get it going.  It really likes to quit on you.

The truth is I didn't know I could be more than what I was.  Despite my hard headed attempts to remain on my own as a dense, stubborn Red Oak, God knew that I could be more.  He knew that His real purpose for me was to be a majestic Cedar.  He had a plan and a purpose for my life

He did not let me quit and wallow in my past mistakes and missteps.  Instead, when I got tired of the mud and the muck, I cried out to Him and He lovingly picked me up, dusted me off, and put my feet on a firm foundation.  He remade me.  I became His new creation.  I became who and what I was truly meant to be...usable, combustable, contagious, 100% consumable, talkative, and fragrant for the purposes of the King.

I desire more than anything to fufill God's purpose to ignite passion in women's hearts for God.  There are more women who, like me, desire to set women aflame for Jesus.  They are the ladies at Proverbs 31.  Yearly, they host the She Speaks Conference where they partner with women after God's own heart to boldly walk the path that God has placed in front of them.    Others, like Anne Voscamp have joined with them to offer women a chance to go to this conference via a scholarship. So, I go forth with His dream deeply planted in my heart.  I write for the girls, but also for Him. I walk beside my sisters, but He walks beside me.  I pray with my friends, and He smiles as our prayers rise like fragrant incense from the burning cedar. 

How about you?  Are you tired of being sick and tired?  Are you ready to be MORE? Are you ready to step into THE KINGLY dream for your life?

She Speaks Conference

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  1. I enjoyed reading this so much, my dad was a fireman on the railroad (when they still ran steam engines) so I've often heard him speak about different woods and how they burn! Your words also resonated personally with me and my walk with the Lord, thanks for sharing!


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