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Grandmother's Garden

When I need a boost, I go outside. It recharges me mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. When I look at nature, I am reminded of my creator and his love for his creation. In fact, everywhere I look in my Grandmother’s garden I see the revelation of God.

Roses appear to be delicate and fragile, but the more you cut them back and dead head them the more they grow and the stronger the plant gets. This flower always reminds me of the pruning process the Lord puts his children through. It is not a “feel good” thing to have stuff cut away, but God, the Constant Gardner, wants us to grow and be strong. He dead heads the things in our lives that drain us and keep us from being beautiful and fruitful.

In Matthew 6:25 -34 Lilies are quoted to be more beautifully arrayed than Solomon in all of his splendor and that if God would adorn the grass of the field like that, then how much more does he care for us? So, anytime I see lilies, I always sing to the reggae song by Bo…

One Glorious Day

The computer sound was low, but I could hear ever so faintly, "Don't ever ask to leave this tower again."  My mind whirred to place the line from the new movie Tangled.  "Oh, yes," I thought, "This was the evil reply from the witch to Rapunzel's innocent request to be set free."

"To be set free...." my mind rolled over the words, "To be set free.  To be set free.  F-R-E-E-D-O-M." In my mind's eye, I saw the picture again. An empty Sumo Wrestler costume hung there waving in the breeze.  I rubbed my eyes.  The picture remained.  I took a minute to study the picture because I couldn't figure out why it was flapping in the breeze.  It was like it was hung up on something.  Then I saw it bigger than day.  The sumo suit was hanging on the CROSS.

Softly, gently I heard deep down in my heart, "This battle is already won.  The freedom that you seek has already been paid for by me.  This battle is already won.  Keep your eye…

Bust a Flame in Your Heart

With a lot of practice, perserverance, and poking, I am now an expert flame buster and wood burner.When I first  began the winter with this wood stove, I had no idea on how to start a fire in it. However, I have learned how to prepare the wood so it accepts the flame and burns hot and long.

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in my quest for fire. One thing fact about wood is that it is different from tree to tree, diverse in its composition, color, and its combustability.

I have decided that if I were a tree that I would like to be a cedar tree.  Cedar is a softwood so it catches easily.  It burns so hot that it catches even the most dense,stubborn red oak on fire.  Cedar is talkative.  It puts Rice Krispies to shame the way it SNAPS, CRACKLES, and POPS!  A burning cedar log has popped several flaming embers at once across our living room.  They most certainly spread the word far and wide.  Cedars are coniferous meaning they are evergreens, you know, eternal.  They are versatile w…