Rainbow Blessings

Yesterday, as I was coming to work, it was a BRIGHT and sunny morning. The sun couldn't have been larger in the sky. I'm singing to a song on the radio and the BLAMMO the sky opens up and a torrential downpour begins. No sign of clouds anywhere, none. Just the huge, bright sun and a ton of rain. So, I was absolutely sure there would be a rainbow. I knew it and started to look for it.

Why? Why did I look for the rainbow? Two reasons 1) Rain plus sunshine = a rainbow.  It is a scientific fact. 2) Rainbows remind me of God's promise to Noah Genesis 8:21 and Genesis 9:16. 3) Looking for the promised rainbow always distracts me from the torrential downpour.

I looked and looked for it for an hour, but I didn't see it. In my heart I knew it was there, but I wanted to see it. But...I knew there had to be one. In fact, I asked every customer for an hour, "Did you see the rainbow? There was rain and bright sun. I know there is one." Finally, a lady told me, "I did; it was beautiful" I said, "Where, where did you see it?" She told me she was standing in her office and saw it in the south. I was so relieved. I knew it had to be in the sky. I just knew it.

I walked outside the coffee shop to look again. Clouds started to move in and the rain had dissipated. Although I wanted to see it, I didn't. Without missing a beat, I raised my face to the heavens and told God, "Father, I know the rainbow was in the sky. A reminder of your promise appeared. Although I can't see it, I know it was there. Just like I can't see you, but I have complete faith that you are there."

There's a lesson here for us as we wait in the rain. I know what I learned yesterday. How about you? What is God saying to you about this?

Chew on this:
The story of Noah and the Flood
Faith is what we hope for, but do not see.  We are not the only ones who have been asked to believe God before they ever saw what he was doing for them.  Read Hebrews 11.
If you are waiting on God, He's got you.  2 Corinthians 12:9

Consider the words to this profound song called "Blessings"  sung by Laura Story,.


  1. Love this and love you Robin,

    As a young (17) I was out in the open once when a thunderstorm came. Still had 15 km to travell on a bike.

    Ahead of me sun behind me the darkest clouds...
    I was so frightened and prayed to Jesus.

    When I did it started to rain and the most beautifull whole rainbow appeared.
    How young I was it gave me hope!
    I was reminded of the promise of the rainbow.

    So I decided then that everytime I would see a rainbow I would thank God for His promisses.
    And I still do...

    Btw lots of wind came and I was home in no time and in front of a major thunderstorm!

    So yes I have a lot with rainbows!

    Love you,



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