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Go Confidently

As I was chatting with my hubby one evening about a particular decision point in our life, God decided to give us a little object lesson.  As hubby and I were IMing back and forth, a student questioned my husband repeatedly on a subject that already been put to bed.  The student badgered Chris; Chris remained firm. 

As the student left, the conversation hubby and I were having over chat took a turn in another direction...ours.  Take a peek...
Report · 9:09pm Why is it when I tell a student something, which is an answer to thier question they have to ask me a half dozen other questions and then proceed to try and get around my previous answer. Report · 9:10pm Because you didn't answer the way they wanted.
Report · 9:10pm Ahh
Report · 9:10pm Wonder if God ever thinks that about us? Report · 9:11pm I'm sure that he does, and probably does the same thing that I do, ( most days) just repeat my answer and ask if they need further clarification.
Report · 9:12pm So do you think this is happening…