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As I was chatting with my hubby one evening about a particular decision point in our life, God decided to give us a little object lesson.  As hubby and I were IMing back and forth, a student questioned my husband repeatedly on a subject that already been put to bed.  The student badgered Chris; Chris remained firm. 

As the student left, the conversation hubby and I were having over chat took a turn in another direction...ours.  Take a peek...
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Why is it when I tell a student something, which is an answer to thier question they have to ask me a half dozen other questions and then proceed to try and get around my previous answer.
Report · 9:10pm
Because you didn't answer the way they wanted.

Report · 9:10pm

Report · 9:10pm
Wonder if God ever thinks that about us?
Report · 9:11pm
I'm sure that he does, and probably does the same thing that I do, ( most days) just repeat my answer and ask if they need further clarification.

Report · 9:12pm
So do you think this is happening to us right now?

Whenever my hubby and I are at a crossroads, we have developed the habit to stop, pray, and ask God to show us the right way. (Proverbs 3:5-6) God is so good. He promises to show us the path if we only ask. (Psalm 119- 104- 106).  Sheepishly, I have to admit, at times, we are very similar to the student in the scenario.  Continually we ask the same question or line of questions.  And Abba...so patiently...answers again and again with His will for us. 

It boils down to this quote by Henry Thoreau (words in bold/italics are personalized by me)..."Go confidently in the direction of His dreams for you! Live the life He has imagined for you.  

Chew on this:
What question do you keep asking God that He has already answered?
Has His answer changed?
When are you going to get off your donkey and go in the direction He is pointing you?
Don't forget what He has told you to do. Get to doing it and you will be blessed (James 1:25 NIV)


  1. Robin,
    You know I am pondering His direction for my future. I think it is a little early for His answer but I have asked about 1000 times already. I just wish I could open the window and peer into the future about three months and see His answer. You know we share the same life verses, Proverbs 3:5-6. I am trusting and looking for the straight path.

  2. You know they say that wisdom comes with age and guess what??? I am old as dirt and so I have learned to not question God. I did my part of questioning years ago but thankfully He made me finally realize just like my parents made me realize that no means "no". Don't ask again. Charlotte (Chargaile)


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