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I See You

Of late, I've been feeling lonely, absolutely invisible to those around me.  Ever been there?  Regardless of whether it was at work, home, or in my prayer group, I felt as if my actions, presence, and words were ignored.  Disregard hung on me like a bad suit. The more it hung around; the more focus I gave it. 

On Sunday, ITWAS STILLTHERE.  I got dressed and sadly rode to church.  Heavy-hearted, unannounced, and unnoticed, I slipped into the auditorium.  I desperately wanted to hear from God.  With anticipation, I retrieved my journal and pen and waited to record his voice.   The music began, I set my journal aside and rose to worship.  As held my hands up and imbibed the worship music, my focus imperceptibly changed. A thought crossed the movie marquee of my mind, "I AM with you. I seeyou."  

BOOM there it was in my mind's eye...the blue people of Avatar.  The voice of a Navee saying, "I see you."  In the Navee culture it meant to see all of you...into your…