Soul Surfing

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Nervously they took the stage.  Eight musicians began to play, most had never played an instrument other than the air guitar or opened their mouth to sing outside the shower.  They began with grateful hearts full of prayer.  Their instruments and voices joined in hopeful unison, but truly, it wasn't quite harmony. Yet, they played on. 

They moved their hands and feet and lips in earnest and humble worship to the Creator of the Universe, the Song of Songs.  As we persevered to worship, the whole church reached into their hearts and souls in support of their offering to God.  We sang, "Oh, how marvelous, oh how wonderful, oh how glorious are you, Lord."  At once harmony rung out like a perfect, pure bell from heaven.  The Living Water careened from the throne of God down from the heavens and streamed down my face in a puddle of tears. 

What did I witness?  Soul Surfing.

What is Soul Surfing?  Soul surfing is a picture of catching a GIGANTIC wave and riding it all the way into the shore while laughing your head off like a little kid.  Soul surfing is when you choose to believe what God has called you to do and you act in faith to do it.  When you soul surf, you see God's glory and experience deep joy.  What is God's glory?  An event that could have only happened because God showed up.  John Edmund Haggai put it this way "Attempt something so great for God it's doomed to failure unless God be in it."  That is what those musicians did that day.

They believed that God had called them to play for him, and they acted on it. 

Jesus showed us this principle in the miracles that he performed.  In each one, a Jesus began by meeting the subject of the miracle where they were.  He found them at weddings, wells, temples, pools, and graves.  Then he commanded them to "Fill the jars with water", "Call your husband", "Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk!", "Go wash in the pool of Siloam", "Take away the stone".  The simplicity of his statement required only a small, tiny bit of faith to act on it.  Even I could have poured some water and called my hubby.

Jesus met them, gave them a simple command, then miracles ensued.  Imagine the joy and thankfulness in their hearts as they gave out the best wine, called the husband, ran for the first time in their lives, and ran from the tomb into the arms of their grieving loved ones!  What's even cooler?  Those folks ran and told everyone they knew how God showed up and changed their life that day.  Now, that is soul surfing.

What is the step of faith God is calling you to?

Chew on this:
"God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible. What a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves." AW Tozer

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. (Luke 17:6  NIV)

 Listen to these songs:

Beautiful Things by Gungor

Let the River Flow by Darrell Evans


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