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Money Does Not Have Wings

"Who wants to go to a restaurant? Raise your hand.", says Gabriel, my 5 year old.  My Hubby and I look at each other, laugh and leave our hands down."
Me, "Gabe, sweetie, we can go on Friday when Mommy and Daddy get paid.  We have to wait."
Gabe, "But why?"
Me, warming up my best Dave Ramsey live-within-your-means speech "Well, we have to only spend the money for things we need right now.  Going to a restaurant is a treat, which is a want, not a need.  We have to wait until pay day to do that."
Gabe, "I NEED to get chickies.  I don't WANT to eat at home."
Me, "Gabe every month Mommy and Daddy have to decide what to do with the money that we get from our pay that is called a budget.  We have to divide it up between some spending money, some saving money, and some giving to God money."
Gabe, very exasperated, "Mommy, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????  Money doesn't have wings.  It can't fly up to heaven!"…

Changing Mental Channels

Woke up a bit jangled and negative today.  As my feet walked down the wide trail of negativity to the mud puddle of anger, a whisper came in my heart...

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." (Isaiah 26:3 NIV)
My eyes turned up.  "Okay, okay, okay." I knew that I needed to change the mental channel; so I found three of my favorite worship songs, turned them up loud and sang along.

Sing a Song by Third Day
10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
Your Great Name by Natalie Grant

As I listened to the songs and watched the videos, my senses were overwhelmed. The music flooded my ears.  The beautiful landscape scenes inundated my eyes with God's creation.  The words of scripture crashed over my weary soul.
Joy blossomed in my heart when I closed my eyes and surrendered to the song.  My tongue trumpeted gratitude as I continued to sing.  My confidence, positivity, and peace returned as I remembered WHO really is in control …

Going for the Gold

Personally, I understand what it is to feel hard pressed on every side financially, a bunch of other ways.  But lately, finances are crushing me, making me lose sleep, grinding my bones into ash.  So for those who may be like me looking for a break,  this is my prayer ... For the businessman who has employees to take care of, the pressure is exponential. For a single mom trying to make ends meet.  For the family who just had the bread-winner laid off.  For the recent college grad with more debt than prospects
Lord, here in tobacco country, the word 'to prize' actually means 'to press'. We use this term when we pack the tobacco tightly into a large bin in order to bring it market which brings in the gold or a financial gain (i.e., a blessing).
Your word tells us that you prize us. You love us. We are your own. Interestingly enough, at times you place pressure on us (prize us) to reveal our character. The question for us is, what will we do under this pressure? What wil…

I Came to Peck A Fight!

General Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history, once said, "We're surrounded.  That simplifies the problem!"  Chesty had it right, we are surrounded.  We are surrounded by evil that takes us down left and right.

Today's evils abound in the form of  life controlling issues. A life controlling issue is a fetter.  A fetter is a defined as a chain or bond around the ankle.  A fetter in your life is something that imprisons you in your past, overwhelms you in your present circumstances, and keeps you from your ordained purpose in life.

Back in the day, the Marine's motto used to be God, Country and Corps.  I betcha Chesty knew who to take to the fight!  Chesty had a heart like David.

When David found Goliath defaming the Lord, taunting the Israelites and holding them captive for 40 days, he was aghast.  David couldn't believe that God's people would be paralyzed with fear because of this Philistine.  Just a boy, David stepped up to the plate and decl…

Caterpillar or Butterfly?

You see that picture there?  That is a picture of me when I was 21 years old holding my sweet baby Casey, Young Me and Little Her. You see that clock on the wall? That is time ticking away.  You see that butterfly floating under the clock?  That is hope for release and peace.

No one is perfect, not mommas or children.  Children certainly don't come with instruction manuals, and there certainly isn't a competency test to have kids.  I was such an idiot when I was 21.  I could have used an instruction manual, but alas there wasn't one wrapped up with my first bundle of joy.  I made a lot of mistakes.  So many, in fact, I heard accusations of "BAD MOM" in my head like a broken record.  Ever had a lie like that happen to you, then hold onto it like it was the truth? 
Those two little words could make me lose my joy in a heartbeat.  I would hear them then hold back from my children afraid to make another mistake.  I would hold fast to the lie that wouldn't die and k…

The Flight of the Wild Goose


The picture to the left is a hybrid goose. A hybrid is a cross bred animal, in this case a domestic goose of some sort, perhaps a greylag or white goose, mixed with a wild goose. This goose resembles a wild goose in some of its physical attibutes, but its behavior more resembles that of the domesticated goose. It lolls about the shoreline waiting for hand outs. Even when an encroaching stranger comes flapping arms and legs to move them along, they don't move. They are too content waiting for their food to sound an alarm to warn of the potential danger and take flight.

Pictured below, left is the wild, Canadian Goose.  This goose, I noticed, set itself away from people.  It stationed itself and its nestlings on a more remote part of the riverbank.  You could see these geese teaching their goslings how to swim upstream, how to take flight against the current of the river, and to hunt for food.  They were racous and loud, sounding the alarm to t…

Hypocrite or Follower?

Are you a hypocrite?  The word hypocrite comes from the Greek hypokritḗs which means 'stage actor', one who pretends to be what he is not.  I have teenagers and have worked with hundreds of them.  The word hypocrite gets thrown around like old spice in a navy ship before shore leave.  A lot of times, it is applied incorrectly, but most of the times the kids have got us dead to rights...we are acting like hypocrites. 
Are you a follower? The word follower comes from the Old English word folgere which meansretainer,servant, or discipline. The actual definition states that it is a person who accepts or imitates the teachings of another.  The implication of this word is one who has a personal relationship with the teacher.
In the past few days, I have been contemplating the story of the Good Samaritan and the Passion of the Christ. 

In the story of the Good Samaritan, we see three characters approach a dying, bloody man.  Two of them, highly religious people, cross to the other si…

Soul Surfing


Nervously they took the stage.  Eight musicians began to play, most had never played an instrument other than the air guitar or opened their mouth to sing outside the shower.  They began with grateful hearts full of prayer.  Their instruments and voices joined in hopeful unison, but truly, it wasn't quite harmony. Yet, they played on. 
They moved their hands and feet and lips in earnest and humble worship to the Creator of the Universe, the Song of Songs.  As we persevered to worship, the whole church reached into their hearts and souls in support of their offering to God.  We sang, "Oh, how marvelous, oh how wonderful, oh how glorious are you, Lord."  At once harmony rung out like a perfect, pure bell from heaven.  The Living Water careened from the throne of God down from the heavens and streamed down my face in a puddle of tears. 

What did I witness?  Soul Surfing.

What is Soul Surfing?  Soul surfing is a picture of catching a GIGANTIC wave and riding it all t…

Time to Turn Back...

*I previously published this on FaithWriters as a Challenge entry.  It didn't win, but it spoke what I thought God was placing on my heart, which is 1)time is short and 2) God is beckoning each of us in America to turn back to Him, repent, and enter into his fullness, peace, and joy. Enjoy!*

The cursor blinks in the blank Google search field. The typist enters, “Occupy Wall Street”.



Pictures of protesters, their posters, and a blueprint of the park appear.

“These occupiers don’t even get what they are protesting about. Corporate greed my Aunt Fannie. Dumb hippies, taking over a private park like they own it. Pinko commies. I’m going down there.” The man gathers the materials to make a protest sign of his own.

Later, a helicopter circles the night sky above Lower Manhattan.  A spotlight wanders to and fro trying to locate something specific in the chaos.  The machine maneuvers through the smoggy skyline, slows down and zeroes in on Zucotti Park. Th…