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Soul Surfing


Nervously they took the stage.  Eight musicians began to play, most had never played an instrument other than the air guitar or opened their mouth to sing outside the shower.  They began with grateful hearts full of prayer.  Their instruments and voices joined in hopeful unison, but truly, it wasn't quite harmony. Yet, they played on. 
They moved their hands and feet and lips in earnest and humble worship to the Creator of the Universe, the Song of Songs.  As we persevered to worship, the whole church reached into their hearts and souls in support of their offering to God.  We sang, "Oh, how marvelous, oh how wonderful, oh how glorious are you, Lord."  At once harmony rung out like a perfect, pure bell from heaven.  The Living Water careened from the throne of God down from the heavens and streamed down my face in a puddle of tears. 

What did I witness?  Soul Surfing.

What is Soul Surfing?  Soul surfing is a picture of catching a GIGANTIC wave and riding it all t…

Time to Turn Back...

*I previously published this on FaithWriters as a Challenge entry.  It didn't win, but it spoke what I thought God was placing on my heart, which is 1)time is short and 2) God is beckoning each of us in America to turn back to Him, repent, and enter into his fullness, peace, and joy. Enjoy!*

The cursor blinks in the blank Google search field. The typist enters, “Occupy Wall Street”.



Pictures of protesters, their posters, and a blueprint of the park appear.

“These occupiers don’t even get what they are protesting about. Corporate greed my Aunt Fannie. Dumb hippies, taking over a private park like they own it. Pinko commies. I’m going down there.” The man gathers the materials to make a protest sign of his own.

Later, a helicopter circles the night sky above Lower Manhattan.  A spotlight wanders to and fro trying to locate something specific in the chaos.  The machine maneuvers through the smoggy skyline, slows down and zeroes in on Zucotti Park. Th…