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I Came to Peck A Fight!

General Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history, once said, "We're surrounded.  That simplifies the problem!"  Chesty had it right, we are surrounded.  We are surrounded by evil that takes us down left and right.

Today's evils abound in the form of  life controlling issues. A life controlling issue is a fetter.  A fetter is a defined as a chain or bond around the ankle.  A fetter in your life is something that imprisons you in your past, overwhelms you in your present circumstances, and keeps you from your ordained purpose in life.

Back in the day, the Marine's motto used to be God, Country and Corps.  I betcha Chesty knew who to take to the fight!  Chesty had a heart like David.

When David found Goliath defaming the Lord, taunting the Israelites and holding them captive for 40 days, he was aghast.  David couldn't believe that God's people would be paralyzed with fear because of this Philistine.  Just a boy, David stepped up to the plate and decl…