Focus Factor

Just when I thought I was bored because there was nothing going on, BOOM.  The world around me turns upside down in utter chaos...again.

Then, there it is scrolling across my mental marquee..."fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith."

Gently, Jesus reminds me, "Look to me."

The paper bag comes out, over my mouth and nose, eyes focused on the cross, breathing in...breathing out.

Out goes the stress...

the mess....

I must confess... Jesus is my FOCUS FACTOR.  

So a woman thinks, so she goes. My eyes lift from the circumstansial swirl around me, Jesus quietly confirms that it is He who is with me.  "Robin"

Like Mary Magdalene on resurrection day, instantly, I recognize Him. "Rabboni!”

I don't have to go down the panicked pathway.  Instead I can choose Him, you can choose Him, the world can choose Him. Jehovah Shalom is my Peace, your Peace, world Peace.

Ponder these things:

Peace-- (n.) cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissension.(1)

In the middle of your storm, where do you look for peace? Read Matthew 8:23 - 27

Where does your help come from? Read Psalm 121

Just a gentle word can change your mourning into joy.  Read John 20:11 - 20

Listen to and contemplate the words to these songs:

"You Are" by Colton Dixon

"Strangely Dim", by Francessca Battestelli

(1)"peace." Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 19 Mar. 2013.>.


  1. love this. love how God speaks and shows us peace simply by focusing on Him. it doesn't take our problems away, but helps us get through them. I have experienced times when just saying "jesus" over and over, has replaced anxiety with calmness.
    love you!!!!!!


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