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I Love You This Much

Step parent situations cause jealousy as they divide our children's affections.  It's one thing to call a step parent by a pet name or a first name, but when you give them the moniker of "MOM" or "DAD"....oh how it pierces the heart of the real Mom or Dad.

Another soul render is the prodigal child, ever running away, never looking back to see you straining your eyes in the distance to see their return.  Your arms wide open and empty waiting... waiting...waiting for them to just glance back and consider changing  directions.

How many situations do we get ourselves into because we don't see Him?  He is pained by the afflictions that we ensnare ourselves in.  He is pained by our ignorance of his existence and great love for us

God is always pursuing us. He is there with his arms wide open.  He SEES us.  Blindly, we go about our business and don't notice his outstretched arms.  His forgiving, loving arms are yearning to hold us again.

How many other…

Watchmen, To Your Posts. Watch, Wait, and Pray for the Pouring Out of the Spirit.

Just a couple of songs and a prayer today that are on my heart.


Great and merciful Savior.  We, the body of Christ, join together in singing praises to you. We join together to beg you to usher in a pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Bring revival to this dry, parched land.

God show us the depths of our sin that prevent us from being in your presence.  Holy Spirit convict us that we might again be walking in the light as Jesus is in the light.

Flood the streets with the Living Water.  Bring your Spiritual Rain.  Let the thunder and lightening from the Spirtual Rain wake the slumbering church! 

Assemble the watchmen on your wall, Lord.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Today's #JoyDare-3 Gifts Loved

Have you heard of Ann Voskamp, author of the Joy Dare and  One Thousand Gifts?  Perhaps you've read her blog "A Holy Experience?"  I aspire to be a light in the darkness of her magnitude.  She inspires me daily to practice gratitude and participate in joy.  These are gifts that don't just happen to us.  They are blessings we get to reach for, try on, and frolick in.

Today's Joy Topic...Three Gifts Loved

Casey Nicole Harvey, the eldest, a sprite, a free-spirit, an aching hope for return, proof of unconditional love... NO. MATTER.WHAT.

 Ashley Jean Nolan, the middle one, the actress/drama queen, the comedian, the Disney princess, proof that it is worth the chutzpah to keep trying even when it is hard.

Gabriel Ian Jones, the baby birdie, lover of pink,  the own little him, proof that God gives us gifts even when we are at odds with him.
Thank you, Lord for the gifts you placed in my life.  I surrender them to you. I know that you are watching over them, wooing them to …