I Love You This Much

Step parent situations cause jealousy as they divide our children's affections.  It's one thing to call a step parent by a pet name or a first name, but when you give them the moniker of "MOM" or "DAD"....oh how it pierces the heart of the real Mom or Dad.

Another soul render is the prodigal child, ever running away, never looking back to see you straining your eyes in the distance to see their return.  Your arms wide open and empty waiting... waiting...waiting for them to just glance back and consider changing  directions.

How many situations do we get ourselves into because we don't see Him?  He is pained by the afflictions that we ensnare ourselves in.  He is pained by our ignorance of his existence and great love for us

God is always pursuing us. He is there with his arms wide open.  He SEES us.  Blindly, we go about our business and don't notice his outstretched arms.  His forgiving, loving arms are yearning to hold us again.

How many other things or people have we put in his place and given honor to?  Have we started calling someone else Abba?  At this point in your journey, is His image even reflected in the rear view mirror?

God tells us that he is jealous for us. He does not want us to share our affections with another.  He cannot forget you. Your name is inscribed in the palms of His hands. 


Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife, Partner, Child, may run out, but He never will.


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