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The Dust Girl

In today's high speed, low drag world, people are prospering, but at what cost?  As we speed along doing what WE want to, how many people are affected by US?  What happens to the most vulnerable people, children?

With selfishness as a culture, our kids are hurting.  We are programming our next generation to repeat our mistakes, if they live that long. 

Neglect, verbal, mental, and physical abuse knows no demographic boundary.  Look at some statistics.

"Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) in the U.S." 1"Adolescents in general seem to be at an increased risk for self-injury, with approximately 15% of teens reporting some form of self-injury.In addition, there seems to be a higher risk for self-injury among college students than among the general population, with rates ranging from 17% to 35%." 2  "77% of students in the U.S. hav…

Jesus Loves the Little Children

My son asked me about orphans today. "What is an orphan, Mamma?"
"Gabriel, You know. You tell me. What is an orphan?"
"Someone whose Mommy and Daddy was killed. Mommy if I was an orphan nobody would take care of me." , he responded.
"Well, what does Jesus tell us to do with widows and orphans?"
No answer...silence...crickets...
I went on, "Gabriel, Jesus tells us to help orphans, to take them in and love them. I know two people who love orphans and are looking for a little child who needs a mommy and daddy."
 "Yes, their names are Adam and Colleen."
"What do they look like? Are they tall?"
"Yes, they are tall and thin and very loving. They are going to adopt a boy or girl and name them Noah or Hope."
"I think they should name the girl, Olivia."
 "Well, no, it will be Noah if it is a boy and Hope if it is a girl."
 "Okay. I guess."
 "Do you want to pray …

No Quarter for the Enemy

Wake Up!  Left and right, our foe overruns us.  The enemy wriggles under the gap in the wire.  Once inside the perimeter, he sets up his tent.  Unnoticed, he pushes further into our territory.  Silently and unopposed, he lays a foundation for permanent shelter.  Brick by brick he erects the walls for our prison. In Satan's economy, a temporary shelter like a tent is a foothold. A permanent shelter like a brick watch post is a stronghold.  The longer he stays; the more he builds.   Siege ramps, walls, turrets, stronger gates, and a deeper moat.  Suddenly, he's up sized from a small outpost to a dark tower called a fortress.  Militarily, a fortress on a hill gives him the advantage because: He can see the opposition coming.   Gravity gives him the advantage. It takes more energy for us to fight uphill. Energy spent going up hill reduces our resources to resist. Once we are tired, he easily takes us captive. Our captivity is the net effect of our sin. S.I.N.  We hate that wo…