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Life or Death Choice: How to Operate a Mouth

Do you gossip?  Let me ask that another way.  Do you speak life over and into people or death?
Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about how I use my words.  Specifically, He's been challenging me about every word that comes out of my mouth. In fact, I can see my friend Heather's acronymn for the word THINK.

Robin, is what you are saying Thoughtful?
Robin, is what you are saying Honest?
Robin, is what you are saying Inspiring?
Robin, is what you are saying Needed?
Robin, is what you are saying Knowledge?

I must be honest, as much as I want to be a channel of Jesus' peace, sometimes this God-Fearing woman gets the blues and just lets loose.   Vile, deadly things come out of my mouth.

Anger. Jealousy. Unforgiveness. Impatience. Gossip. Slander.

What does God say about that?

Out of the mouth the heart speaks. Oye vey. Curses...Death.

However, there are days, even weeks, when I am walking and shining the light , singing God's praises, and speaking life…