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Spiritual Nutrition Challenge-- Who Are You Following?

What I learned in week 1:

Whether trying to get in shape mentally, physically, or spiritually, consistency is the key.

This word consistency stems from the word consist which means to stand firm, to exist together, to be compatible of one accord or in harmony with something.

Let's look at that in context of the physical challenge we have taken up.

To start exercising and eating right, you must decideto stick a stake in the ground and do something different. To stick a stake in the ground is to STAND FIRM on the exercise and nutrition regimen you have chosen. Then to DO IT is to work in harmony with those programs.

Spiritually and mentally we can do the same thing.  

You can STAND FIRM on the rock of Salvation.  Know that your foundation, Jesus Christ, cannot and will not be moved.  

To DO IT is to set our minds and spirits on abiding, resting, standing still, and not flinching in the knowledge of who Christ is and what He empowers you to do as a believer.  

In the famous words of Sonny…

Spiritual Nutrition Challenge -- Get Back Up.

How did Day 1 go?  

Spiritually and mentally, I found great treasure in Proverbs 1 and Psalm 1.   Physically, it was a win-lose.  I exercised but my diet was not as I expected.

By Day 2, the enemy was already onto my attempts at transformation.  Yesterday he employed the same scheme he always uses when I attempt to believe that God redeems every part of our lives. Including the physical mess I am in.  

What's that scheme?  Self-Determination-->Frustration--> Discouragement--> Retreat

Look how I allowed the enemy to steal the joy I had found in the Word.
Step 1)  I did great on focusing on Him spiritually and mentally.  Feeling so good in that way, I thought I must have done well eating.  This is where the enemy got me to trip over my stupid competitive streak (a.k.a self-determination/pride).  Step 2)  I added up the points that I received on the physical nutrition challenge.  I quickly realized  that on day 1 I earned only 1 point out of 10.  Mind you...I ate like a champ c…

Spiritual Nutrition Challenge--You Are What You Eat...

My gym is doing a nutrition challenge this month. We are working our physical bodies out and now we are being challenged on how we FUEL them. (Thank you 524 Training!)

God is pressing on my heart today that we need to  also look at how we fuel our minds and spirits. 

The Divine God of the Universe works in the physical, mental, and spiritual.  

The words YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT are blinking like a neon sign.

If this age old adage is true of our physical bodies, then it is also true for our mind and spirit as well.  

What we feed our mind and spirit fill our hearts.  Whatever our hearts are full of will direct our feet.  Where are you headed?

Are you spiritually malnourished?  Are your mental faculties groggy, foggy, and confused?

Spiritually, we have grounds to be full.

When the enemy was tempting and trying Jesus in the desert, Jesus combated him not in the physical but with the spiritual.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on breadalone, but on every word that comes from the mo…

Growth Opportunity


An ordinary flower and broken baby bird shells are signs of new birth, new life, time to begin again.  

God is communicating something through the sights, smells, and sounds of spring.  

He wants us to know about His unending Faith, Hope, and Love.

Ponder with me...

How long does the Dogwood look dead during the winter, yet in the branches still courses sap storing up energy to put forth blooms in season?
How long does the mother Robin wait before she lays her eggs; then waits again, patiently hovering over them until they hatch?
How long does the bloom within strain against the hard bud's exterior?
How long does the baby bird struggle against the fragile, shell membrane?
He is always doing something, even when we don't see it with our eyes.  Despite what our senses can perceive, He is at work creating a new thing.  Maybe you are in a winter season, desperately anticipating spring.  If you are waiting in faith for something to change, believe in Him.  What looks dead …