Spiritual Nutrition Challenge -- Get Back Up.

How did Day 1 go?  

Spiritually and mentally, I found great treasure in Proverbs 1 and Psalm 1.   Physically, it was a win-lose.  I exercised but my diet was not as I expected.

By Day 2, the enemy was already onto my attempts at transformation.  Yesterday he employed the same scheme he always uses when I attempt to believe that God redeems every part of our lives. Including the physical mess I am in.  

What's that scheme?  Self-Determination-->Frustration--> Discouragement--> Retreat

Look how I allowed the enemy to steal the joy I had found in the Word.
Step 1)  I did great on focusing on Him spiritually and mentally.  Feeling so good in that way, I thought I must have done well eating.  This is where the enemy got me to trip over my stupid competitive streak (a.k.a self-determination/pride).  
Step 2)  I added up the points that I received on the physical nutrition challenge.  I quickly realized  that on day 1 I earned only 1 point out of 10.  Mind you...I ate like a champ compared to what I normally do. So instead of looking at the progress, I looked at the point value and became frustrated.  
Step 3) Then in my frustration, I added up the points for day 2 and realized that I was already at 6 points for the day and it was midday.  At this point, frustration turned into discouragement.
 Step 4) I was ready to quit because the point scale was pointing to yet another defeat in this area of my life.   
If Satan had a play book with my name on it, this was his go-to play for making me ineffective.

Instead of looking to my Deliverer for a right perspective on the points system, I let the points give me perspective.  And what it spelled out was D-E-F-E-A-T     A-G-A-I-N!

With my held hung in shame, I decided to do something different. I wrote a prayer.

Here's  what I wrote:
Lord,  I want to beat this.  The hard part is just getting up again after falling over and over.
I paused; then wrote:
Jesus got up after each fall with the cross.
Are you in this cycle of defeat ? 

Friends, we can get up again.  Jesus got up.  We can too.  His grace is sufficient for us in our weakness.  The joy that was set before Jesus (our redemption and reconciliation with God) was completed through His shed blood on the cross.   His face was set like flint in completing that mission.  No amount of beatings and weight from the cross would deter Him from His mission to free us from our sin.

How can we not pick  up our cross and carry it? How can we not get back up when we fall under the weight of it?  We must.  Jesus did.

His grace is sufficient.  

Spiritual Nutrition Challenge Day 2 

Journal Assignment:  Get. Back. Up

Are you looking at the progress or the point value? Write out ways where you are focusing on the points instead of the progress Jesus is making in 

Exercise Assignments:

Spirit:  Read 2 Corinthians 12: 8 - 10Philippians 1:12 - 20; Isaiah 26:3  Listen to this song by Sidewalk Prophets:  "Keep Making Me"

Mind:  Journal things that jump out at you as you read.  Journal how it is comfortable to you.  I sometimes write phrases, words, prayers or doodle pictures of what I have read.

Body:  Take a walk and consider what you have read, listened to, and written.  

Prayer:    Lord, Because by your holy cross You have redeemed the world.

Sometimes I fail time and time again.  I'm not honest, sometimes I'm lazy. I'm tempted to stop trying. It's just too hard sometimes.

As an adult, I often feel I should have conquered my weaknesses by now. I become discouraged when I'm confronted by the same problems over and over again. Sometimes I get weary. When I have health problems, I can become discouraged and depressed.

Help me think of the cross you carried. Help me continue to hope that I can make the changes in my life I need to. You didn't give up. I can have the strength to get up again as well. *

 Your grace is sufficient.  My strength is solely found in you.  In  Jesus Name, Amen

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*Prayer from the stations of the cross


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