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Spiritual Nutrition Challenge Week 5-- Can You Roll the Right Way?


Spiritual Nutrition Challenge--Are You Fluffy or F.A.T. ?

Week 4...The easy part has been to accept the challenge.  The hard part has been to walk it out. Through the struggle to walk it out, God has pressed into my heart that I still have attitudes and behavior patterns that are not serving me or Him.

In fact, these patterns prevent me from pouring out in my God-ordained purpose.

What are they? Giving up. Being inconsistent. Being fluffy.

Being fluffy?  Yes, fluffy. 

Fluffy things are light and airy, like cotton balls. They don't have any weight and can't do much damage until your 7 year old stuffs a whole bag down the bathroom drain.

Picture a drain pipe stuffed to the hilt with fluffy cotton balls.  Can water pour through that? A trickle may eek out, but not enough to drain the tub.

Those once beautiful, airy cotton balls are now sopping wet pieces of concrete in the drain. The beautiful pool of water in the basin backs up and becomes stagnant and stinky.

Stagnant, stinky water is not drinkable.  It cannot accomplish its purpose to slake…