Spiritual Nutrition Challenge--Are You Fluffy or F.A.T. ?

Week 4...The easy part has been to accept the challenge.  The hard part has been to walk it out. Through the struggle to walk it out, God has pressed into my heart that I still have attitudes and behavior patterns that are not serving me or Him.

In fact, these patterns prevent me from pouring out in my God-ordained purpose.

What are they? Giving up. Being inconsistent. Being fluffy.

Being fluffy?  Yes, fluffy. 

Fluffy things are light and airy, like cotton balls. They don't have any weight and can't do much damage until your 7 year old stuffs a whole bag down the bathroom drain.

Picture a drain pipe stuffed to the hilt with fluffy cotton balls.  Can water pour through that? A trickle may eek out, but not enough to drain the tub.

Those once beautiful, airy cotton balls are now sopping wet pieces of concrete in the drain. The beautiful pool of water in the basin backs up and becomes stagnant and stinky.

Stagnant, stinky water is not drinkable.  It cannot accomplish its purpose to slake thirst and cleanse.  Stale, muddy water is a source of deadly waterborne illnesses. 

I must honor God with my body, mind and spirit so that the Living Water will pour out through the purpose and plan He has for me.

The inability lose weight signals that a drain is  plugged  in my mind, body and spirit.  It stops Jesus from flowing freely in and through me out into a world that needs Him.

I don't believe that the Bible calls Jesus a plumber.  However, it absolutely refers calls Him a healer by one of His divine names--Jehovah Rapha. 

God has got me going down this road to completely heal me--Mind, Spirit, and Body.   In order to do that, I must be F.A.T. (Flexible, Available, and Teachable)*--not fluffy.

What does F.A.T. look like?

Flexible-- I must be willing change the way I think about this and do it God's way. My way hasn't worked thus far. It's time for a change.

Available-- I must commit,  not quit. I must make time in my schedule to take care of myself in all three areas (eat right, exercise, pray, read God's word).

Teachable--I must accept His teaching on this and learn to apply it                    NO.MATTER.HOW.HARD.IT.IS.

 Nutrition Challenge Week 4

Journal Assignment:  Are You Fluffy or F.A.T.?

Exercise Assignments:

Spirit:  Do you know the Healer--Jesus?  If you do not, you will never be able to make permanent and lasting changes.  Click here to begin to know Jehovah Rapha-the Healer of all things. If you do know Him, pray and ask Him to identify the drain stoppages in your life.

Mind:   Read and meditate on Psalm 51.  Meditate on this song....  Inside Out.

Journal those things that God reveals.  

Body:  Take a walk. Pray.  Sing the refrains from Inside Out to yourself.  On this walk, pray and repent of those things that keep tripping you up.  Ask God to pick you up again and help you walk it out!

Prayer:    Lord, change us from the inside out.  Let each person that visits here surrender themselves completely to you.  Let them bend their will and be F.A.T. in your ways and in your abundance.  In Jesus Name, Amen

Passages Referenced in hyperlinks can be found in:

Hebrews 12; Heal; Ephesians 2 ; Philippians 1 -2; Jeremiah 29

*F.A.T (Flexible, Available, Teachable) acronym is from Chip Ingram at Living on the Edge

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