Born Ones of God--A Message

Dear ones, 

I have lavished my great love on you that you are called children of God.  

My children, you are precious to me. You are inscribed on the palms of my hands. 

The reason that the world rejects you , beloved, is that they rejected me.  

Continue in my love for you. Know me as a child knows their father.

Dwell in the home that I have put you in for this season. 

Cultivate faithfulness to Me and the purpose that I have given you in this season.  I will bless you with my love so that you bear the fruit of that love endlessly.

Remember...I love you.  Pour out my great love for you in the purpose that I have assigned you.  

Others who are in darkness and in chains need to know My Great Love.  

Take the Message of My Love to them.

(Psalm 37, Isaiah 43, Isaiah 49 John 15, 1 John 3)


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