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Darkness and Ditches

The woods were ominous and the path was barely visible before sunrise. 

Thinking to myself,  "I will just stay in the middle of the cart path."
However, when you are in complete darkness, you cannot account for the drift of the roadway.

Darkness surrounding me, deviation from the plan and path was imperceptible until I rolled my ankle and landed in the ditch.

"Mother-shut-yer-mouth!" My favorite non-curse word curse word issued out of my mouth.
Befuddled as to how my plan had failed and belly crawling out of the ditch through God-knows-what kind of leaves, briers, and slimy things, I made it back to the path.

Talking to myself, "Robin, you dummy. Amateur mistake number one. You came out here without a head lamp. Of course you fell into the ditch, you didn't have a light."

This is the story of my life. A journey from darkness and ditches to Sonrise and surety.

Points to Ponder:

Where are you in your life journey right now?  
Did you bring a light or are you walk…