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The Biggest Loser, Ugly Truth, and Hope

The BIGGEST LOSER scared me to death. In one way, I was riveted by the courage shown, weight lost, and and the journey each contestant was on. I knew I could do it with the right help. I knew I had a great story to share.


I had this internal struggle.
Me: I should do this. I could do this. Other Me: Yes, but... Me: But, what? Other Me: You have to be in a sports bra and weigh in on national TV. Me: *crickets* *gulp* Nevermind.
Well, today, I am taking the leap. Today, I am going to face my fears and humble myself and record for everyone on the planet to know the UGLY TRUTH.
Here I am from the front and the side. I weight 254 lbs. My waist measures 39 inches. My hips measure 52 inches, and each thigh is 26 inches around.
Back in the day when my waist was 26 inches around, I thought I was fat. What the heck was I thinking? Duh? Ever had one of those moments. Yeah. I'm there.
So...Now I am here being honest with myself and with you, my friends.  Now you know the truth about…